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“All my life, the people close to me have had an immense impact on the music I create,” Montreal singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin tells Apple Music. “Relationships influence the heart and soul poured into each song, and in turn, the process of creating an album can strain or strengthen these bonds. That back and forth has always fascinated me, led me to explore deeper.” Cardin’s latest album, 99 Nights, is the embodiment of those relationships she holds dear. “It's an intimate diary, the culmination of countless conversations, shared silences, laughter, and tears over 99 metaphorical nights of creation,” she says. For her Apple Music 1 program 99 Nights Radio With Charlotte Cardin, she shares stories of the people and the music that have shaped who she is—from her parents and collaborators to the friends and romantic partners who’ve left an indelible mark on the art she’s been making for a decade. “As we go along, you'll get a glimpse into this transformative process, the music it birthed, and the relationships it reshaped,” she adds. “So buckle up, take a deep breath, and delve into the melody of my life's connections. Welcome to 99 Nights.”

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