The Estelle Show

You might know her for her hit single “American Boy,” but Estelle—a Grammy-winning singer and accomplished actor—is an international woman. She’s one of nine siblings born in London to Grenadian and Senegalese parents, was raised musically on US gospel and hip-hop, moved to Los Angeles (for “career and peace,” she says), and has long collaborated with American peers like John Legend, Rick Ross, Kanye West, and many more. On Apple Music Hits’ The Estelle Show, the singer shows off tastes that range from legends like Bob Marley, Prince, and Madonna to 21st-century ground-shakers like Wizkid and Lil Wayne. But they’ve all got one thing in common: They’ve made what she considers to be some of the best music of the past few decades. "With my show," she says, "you get to go into my mind, influences, and loves across the board as a kid from London to an adult now living in LA.”
Listen to The Estelle Show every Monday through Friday, only on Apple Music Hits. Hometown: Los Angeles Earliest musical memory: “Watching a taped performance of Bob Marley, live onstage at the Rainbow Theatre, and thinking, ‘I wanna do that!’” First concert: Busta Rhymes Favorite music video: Beyoncé, “Me, Myself and I”: “The color, the story, and the idea to shoot it in reverse.” Favorite book: All About Love, bell hooks Favorite podcast: The Read, Kid Fury & Crissle Causes I’m passionate about: “Mentoring. I believe you gotta keep the gates open. If a kid can see it—even just in their mind's eye—they can be it.” First song I ever bought or downloaded: De La Soul, “The Magic Number” Go-to karaoke song: “My [own] songs!” Favorite musician: “Stevie Wonder—he's magical.” How music keeps me inspired: “It’s one of the most potent forms of energy. It changes your mood...period!” Values that are important to me: “Love, integrity, having empathy. Treating everyone with the same goodness while maintaining your boundaries.”