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Zombie Girl is the electronic industrial dance project of Renee Cooper. Started in Canada in 2005 by Cooper and former producer Sebastian Komor, Zombie Girl originally played upon the camp and gore of B-movie horror aesthetics and a heavy dose of throbbing goth rave, much like God Module. Their debut album, Back from the Dead, was released in 2006. Blood, Brains & Rock 'n' Roll followed the year after and featured controversial artwork containing the eponymous biological materials in the album title. After the departure of Komor, Cooper carried on as a solo artist with live musicians contributing to each release thereafter. Over five years passed between her Halloween EP (2009) and her first full-length, 2015's Killer Queen, which featured a similarly dark but more sensual side to the music. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana
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