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Born Jozef Guillaume in Mol, Belgium in 1945, Zjef Vanuytsel was one of the most popular Flemish vocalists of the '70s, with his debut album, De Zotte Morgen, widely regarded as one of the greatest cabaret pop albums the country has ever produced. After scoring a string of hits throughout the decade including "Houten Kop," "Hop Marlene," and "Ik Weet Wel Mijn Lief," he struggled to sustain his success in the '80s and eventually decided to make use of his architecture degree by designing the town halls of Huldenberg and Bertem. In 2007, however, he returned to the music scene with his first studio album in 24 years, Ouwe Makkers. ~ Jon O'Brien

Mol, Belgium
July 6, 1945