Ziana Zain
Ziana Zain

Ziana Zain

About Ziana Zain

Melaka-born former stewardess Ziana Zain made a debut to remember in 1992. With Madah Berhelah she showcased her stunning power and vocal range and arrived in the Malay pop world—which was never the same again. Her follow-ups produced iconic ballads like “Anggapan Mu” and “Puncak Kasih”, and a successful acting career has also proved that she’s a bankable all-round artist. An expressive performer with her trademark raised eyebrows during the high notes, she often takes her listeners on an intense aural journey with controlled lows and earth-defying peaks.

    Kampung Simpang Merpati, Malaysia
  • BORN
    May 2, 1968

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