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About Zed Yago

Founded in Germany by blues singer Jutta Weinhold (ex-Breslau) in 1985, Zed Yago were a traditional rock concern very much in keeping with the sound pioneered by fellow nationals, Warlock. Juttas vocal style owed much to Doro from Warlock, but also saluted American singer Ronnie James Dio. Her band comprised Jimmy and Gunnar on guitar, Tach on bass and larger-than-life bald powerhouse drummer Bubi (b. Claus Reinholdt). They first attracted mainstream attention in 1988 with the release of Black Bone Song. This was followed by their second album and a tour, one concert of which was broadcast live on BBC Radio 1. They vanished in 1990 having failed to make any lasting impact. Weinhold resurfaced with Dave Moore, Lars Ratz, Peter Szigeti and Franco Zuccaroli in Velvet Viper, who released a solitary album in 1991.