About ZARD

With its revolving cast of backing musicians, Zard -- a group on its surface, anyhow -- was the driving force of frontwoman, vocalist, and lyricist Izumi Sakai. Zard first formed in 1991, and released its debut single that February. By 1992, the band had released three albums, and had sold units in the millions. Over the next years of the decade, the band released hit album after hit album, with each one selling at or above the million mark. By 2004, the band -- by this point a solo vehicle for Sakai -- had released album number ten, Tomatteita Tokeiga Ima Ugokidashita. In addition to pop sales supremacy, Sakai was known for her lyrical and written works, including books of her poetry. In 2006, Sakai was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and in May of 2007 she was fatally injured after a fall down a set of stairs at her hospital caused a deadly brain contusion. In memory of her work, a compilation of fan favorites was released in January of 2008. Its title was Zard Request Best - Beautiful Memory. ~ Chris True