About Yxngxr1

The epitome of a DIY artist, meme-friendly Welsh singer and rapper Yxngxr1 built his career on a series of GarageBand ballads made on his bunk bed with a broken iPhone.

• Stuck at home while his peers were at university, Yxngxr1 made his first attempt at a music career. Discouraged by negative feedback from friends, he abruptly abandoned his pursuits.
• He eventually decided to try again—this time secretly uploading his music to SoundCloud under a new name. When his songs began to gain traction online, he once again presented them to his friends, who enthusiastically noted his improvement.
• His 2019 deadpan lo-fi single “Tyler” erupted online, garnering more than 10 million views and streams across platforms. He followed this with his debut mixtape, Childhood Dreams, featuring the single “Rather Do,” which played in more than 20,000 TikTok videos.
• In 2020, Yxngxr1 cranked out three more projects: I Don’t Suit Hats, YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW, and I DON’T KNOW YOU BUT….

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