About Yusuke

A multitalented Japanese actor, TV personality, and singer, Yusuke has been topping the charts since debuting in 2009.

∙ Before going solo, Yusuke was part of Shuu Chi Shin, a pop idol trio that grew out of the Japanese TV variety show Quiz! Hexagon II.
∙ His 2009 debut single, “ひまわり,” reached No. 2 on the Japanese charts, and the follow-up EP, たんぽぽ/海賊船/其の拳, was Yusuke’s first No. 1.
∙ In 2011, he performed live at Japan’s famed Budokan arena for the first time, and he returned in 2019 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut solo release.
∙ All nine of his studio LPs have reached the Top 10 of the Japanese charts, and two of them—あの・・夢もてますケド。 and あの・・涙があるから愛があるんですケド。—hit No. 1.
∙ Japanese baseball star Daisuke Matsuzaka—Yusuke’s teammate in high school—appeared in the video for 2015’s “Take me out to the ball game~あの・・一緒に観に行きたいっス。お願いします!.”