Youth Fountain
Youth Fountain

Youth Fountain

About Youth Fountain

Vancouver-based emo/pop-punk duo Youth Fountain pull no punches in their delivery of personal angst-drenched lyrics and punk melodies.

Tyler Zanon originally began as a solo project under the name Bedroom Talk in 2012. He wrote songs for a few years before meeting Cody Muraro through Vancouver's music scene, and they formed a duo to work on his previously written material. In 2017, they released their debut single together, "Grinding Teeth." They changed their name to Youth Fountain in 2018 prior to the release of their eponymous EP via Pure Noise Records. The label arranged numerous tours, where they would be joined onstage by Tim Creviston (bass) and Andrew Miliking (drums). Their debut album, Letters to Our Former Selves, saw release in 2019.


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