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Scottish post-hardcore band Yashin formed in 2006 in the town of Greenock, just outside Glasgow. School friends Paul Charles Travers (guitar) and Andrew McShane (bass) enlisted founding vocalist Michael Rice, drummer David Beaton, and original guitarist Lewis Millen. The quintet released a pair of pop-punk and hardcore-influenced EPs in 2008: Pay to Play and Miles Away But Getting Closer. Rice parted ways with the group in October of that year, and the band hired two new vocalists while on tour. American-born Harry Radford would handle the clean vocals, while Kevin Miles would produce the screams. The newly formed lineup entered the studio in late 2009 to record their debut album, Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them, which was released in February 2010. Among the angsty screams and sharp riffs, the band included their brutal cover of Britney Spears' "Everytime," a fan favorite. The band continued touring -- hitting venues from small local clubs to main stages at numerous festivals -- and released another pair of EPs in early 2012. First, they re-released Miles Away, re-recorded with their new vocalists, as well as the Runaway Train EP, which included Metallica and Linkin Park covers, in addition to acoustic renditions of songs from their debut. Their sophomore effort, We Created a Monster, was released in June 2012, marking the third release from Yashin that year. Months later, Lewis left the band, replaced by Connor MacLeod. Yashin remained quiet for a few years and returned in February 2016 with their tight, melodic third album, The Renegades. Later that year, the band announced they were calling it quits and embarked on a handful of farewell shows. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Greenock, Scotland

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