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About Xysma

Finland's enigmatic Xysma were formed in the late '80s by a colorfully named cast of musicians including Joanitor Lottoner (lead vocals), Foreigner Lawny (vocals, guitars), Minister Stranius (guitars, keyboards), Gablo Heavenly (electric and upright basses), and Orvis Goodnight (drums). Over the course of a highly eccentric discography inaugurated by 1990's Fata Morgana EP and its immediate full-length follow-up, 1991's Yeah debut, the group has tread too many stylistic paths to allow for easy pigeonholing. But subsequent efforts like 1993's First and Magical, 1995's Deluxe, and particularly 1996's Lotto displayed a distinct, if still unorthodox alternative rock focus, with occasional detours into industrial music and noise rock as well. 1998's Singles odds and sods collection apparently served as a capper to their activities, but no official breakup was ever announced. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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