Xavier Omär
Xavier Omär

Xavier Omär

About Xavier Omär

Xavier Omär may come from a diverse musical background, but the singer and songwriter is firmly rooted in R&B.

• Omär grew up in a family of musicians, singers, and producers. It was also a military family, which meant he moved around a lot. He began making music while living in San Antonio.
• He initially made his name as a Christian hip-hop artist using the alias SPZRKT, aka Spazzy Rocket, in 2014. He would go on to publish an open letter explaining his reasoning for breaking away from the community the following year.
• Omär made his formal debut under his real name in 2016 with The Everlasting Wave EP, which featured his breakout single, “Blind Man.”
• In 2019, he teamed up with Soulection DJ and producer Sango on the project Moments Spent Loving You.
• Omär’s 2020 debut album, if You Feel, includes features from Masego, Quinn Barlow, Jae Stephens, and Mereba.

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