About Wovenhand

Wovenhand is a Gothic Americana rock band formed by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Eugene Edwards. Their music offers winding dark, atmospheric lyrics with a fierce spiritual bent circling around elements of vintage folk, country blues, and gospel music given force by swampy rock & roll. While Edwards performed (mostly) solo on Wovenhand's self-titled 2001 debut and two subsequent albums, he expanded the studio group to a quartet for 2006's gloomy Mosaic. By the time 2010's globally acclaimed modally structured The Threshingfloor was released, the band had become a trio. Wovenhand's sound evolved to include mutant rockabilly, surf, desert blues and spooky prog on 2016's Star Treatment, featuring guitarist and future songwriting partner Chuck French. It was their last outing for six years. Edwards and French wrote, recorded and released 2022's wildly diverse Silver Sash with a studio quintet.

    Denver, CO

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