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The brainchild of Canadian singer/songwriter Mark Andrew Hamilton, indie rock/chamber pop outfit Woodpigeon (pared down from Woodpigeon Divided by Antelope Equals Squirrel, for the sake of brevity) formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2005 as a trio that mostly stuck to street performing. Upon moving back to his native Calgary, Hamilton shortened the name and began recording his debut under the moniker, the appropriately titled Songbook. The limited-edition Treasury Library Canada arrived in 2008 (it got a proper release in 2009), followed by Die Stadt Muzikanten in 2010, and Thumbtacks and Glue in 2013. T R O U B L E, Woodpigeon's sixth studio long player, arrived in early 2016 and featured guest appearances by David Thomas Broughton and Mary Margaret O'Hara. ~ James Christopher Monger

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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