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Rather than undoing anything, the 2005 solo release entitled Undone actually established vocalist William White as a solo artist. For nearly half a decade prior to that he was connected with the Swiss Liz Libido combo, busily racking up touring dates as well as a pair of CD releases. White's background prior to relocation to the small landlocked nation of Swiss cheese was on the island of Barbados, where he took up guitar at the age of 12. An a cappella combo doing typical doo wop material was one of White's performing experiences. In terms of musical influences the drink had already been deep, his friends and family enjoying a wide range of R&B, reggae, hard rock, and classical. At the age of 19 White moved to Winterthur, Switzerland, homeland of his mother and in this case a busy music scene. White eventually got into as many as four bands at once, again sampling different styles before settling on the rocking Liz Libido.
All tracks on the solo effort were written, performed, and produced by White, an act of multi-tasking that may have led to the feeling suggested by the album title. "The Rock," one of the featured songs, had already won an American songwriting contest held in honor of John Lennon in 2004. The completed Undone was released in early 2005. More recently, the William White & the Emergency combo has been touring on its own and in support of a band called Moneybrother. A "Misfit" that will hopefully fit into the hit parade is the third single to be released from White's solo project. ~ Eugene Chadbourne

  • BORN
    June 15, 1972

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