Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

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Adam McIlwee, former vocalist/guitarist for Scranton, Pennsylvania-based emo/indie rock group Tigers Jaw, records solo material as Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (sometimes just referred to as Wicca Phase). The project mixes elements of hip-hop, goth, and emo, with McIlwee's Morrissey-inspired vocals crooning introspective, emotionally heavy lyrics over beats reminiscent of trap, witch house, and cloud rap. Wicca Phase is a co-founder of GothBoiClique and is also affiliated with the Thraxxhouse crew.
Wicca Phase made its debut in 2012 with "Bite My Ear," a single on Run for Cover Records which featured guest vocals by fellow Tigers Jaw member Brianna Collins. Shortly after Wicca Phase released the Fantasy Camp-produced mixtape #FEB13 on Valentine's Day of 2013, McIlwee and two other group members (Pat Brier and Dennis Mishko) announced their departure from Tigers Jaw. Wicca Phase continued issuing mixtapes and EPs, and made guest appearances on albums by GDP, Spooky Black, and Noah23. The full-length Secret Boy was released by Disposition Collective in 2016.
A number of singles appeared over the next two years, as well as EPs like 2017's Stop Torturing Me and 2018's Corinthiax. Also in 2018, Wicca Phase was part of the collaborative EP Spider Web with Clams Casino and Fish Narc. His second full-length, Suffer On, appeared in early 2019. ~ Paul Simpson

    Scranton, PA

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