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White Reaper

About White Reaper

White Reaper is an American alternative band making retro style bubblegum punk mixed with some arena rock.

∙ Formed by childhood friends in Louisville, Kentucky, the group named themselves after a spooky decoration they came across in a Halloween store.
∙ They released a critically acclaimed self-titled EP in 2014, followed by their 2015 debut album, White Reaper Does It Again.
Pitchfork named White Reaper’s sophomore LP, The World’s Best American Band, one of the 20 Best Rock Albums of 2017.
∙ Their first charting single was “Might Be Right,” which rose to the top of Billboard’s Alternative Songs in 2019.
∙ White Reaper’s third album, 2019’s You Deserve Love, was their first to be released on a major label.

    Louisville, KY

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