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White Hinterland is the songwriting vehicle of Casey Dienel, a Massachusetts native whose eclectic sound mixes jazzy arrangements with experimental electronic pop and folk. Dienel first made her debut as a solo artist in 2006 with the album Wind-Up Canary, which was released under her given name by Hush Records. Reemerging in early 2008 as White Hinterland, she signed with Dead Oceans and released Phylactery Factory, showcasing her more acoustic-oriented style. Arriving two years later, her critically acclaimed follow-up, Kairos, displayed a fairly dramatic shift toward more synth-based arrangements and received far greater exposure. For her third album, Dienel, who had been living in Portland, Oregon for a time, relocated back to her hometown in Massachusetts and set about recording and producing new material on her own. The result was 2014's Baby, which saw her sound continuing to expand in multiple directions including R&B and more mainstream dance-pop. Over the next two years, Dienel released two more stand-alone singles under the White Hinterland banner before resuming work under her own name with 2017's Imitation of a Woman to Love. ~ Timothy Monger & Katherine Fulton

    Scituate, MA
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