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About Warumpi Band

Since they first burst onto the Australian music scene in 1984 with their debut album, Big Name No Blankets, the Warumpi Band has been at the forefront of the Australian Aboriginal rock movement. The band plays a hard-driving blues-rock in both English and their native language. They often use their music to promote Aboriginal rights and causes.
The group was formed on the Aboriginal settlement of Papunya in Australia's Northern Territory. In their early years, they spent most of their time touring remote communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. With the release of Big Name No Blankets, the band began touring nationally and internationally. In 1986, they toured Aboriginal settlements opening for fellow Australian rocker's Midnight Oil. In 1986, the band recorded their second album, Go Bush. The album spawned the single "My Island Home and eventually garnered songwriter Neil Murray an APRA award when it was covered by Christine Anu in 1995. In the years following the release of Go Bush, the band toured off and on. During their hiatus, Murray has pursued a solo career. In 1995, the group released their third album, Too Much Humbug, and launched a tour of Europe. The Warumpi Band still performs regularly in Australia and is still considered one of the most highly recognized Aboriginal rock bands. ~ Curtis Zimmermann


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