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The experimental and avant-garde black metal outfit Vulture Industries initially knew life as Dead Rose Garden upon their creation back in 1998. Whether or not it was the eventual and early lineup changes that determined that the name had to go, it was not to be, and by 2002 the band was using the Vulture Industries moniker. A demo, The Enemy Within, was released in 2002, and was quickly followed with another entitled The Sleeper, in 2003. The band release its first "official" fare, the EP The Benevolent Pawn, in 2005. With momentum on their side and a sound that drew comparisons to Arcturus, Solefald, and the Provenance, Vulture Industries found themselves with a deal, and spent a good part of 2006 and 2007 recording their full-length debut. The resulting work, The Dystopia Journals, was released in late 2007. ~ Chris True


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