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Dominican pop-vocal group Voz a Voz is born of a world that most of their peers only try to emulate. Formed in Santo Domingo by three youths of poor economic class and single parent households, a fact which they are not shy about sharing, the young men that make up the vocal trio are Gilberto Cesar D'Oleo ("Gio"), Ammy Yatniel Acosta ("Ammy") and David Leonardo Rosario Pimentel ("David"). The trio was discovered performing in the Hotel Bavaro in Santo Domingo by a record producer from the Urban Box Office label. Inspired by the rhythms and melodies of their native island, the young men created a new "R&B" -- Rhythm and Bachata. They craft soulful, urban influenced three-part vocal arrangements in a style that is as much Dominican born as U.S. inspired. They have similarly crafted a new philosophy and direction for their group. Unlike many artists from similar backgrounds, Voz a Voz seeks the admiration of their audience before monitary gain. They have made a commitment to donate a significant portion of their earnings to benefit the poor and promote equal distribution of relief to people from underprivileged backgrounds like themselves. In addition, Urban Box Office has committed to donate a portion of sales from their debut CD, En Presencia del Futuro, to UNICEF. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic