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Formed in August 1985 by guitarist Fábio Golfetti (born in 1960, São Paulo, SP), bassist Ângelo Pastorello (born in 1959, São Paulo, SP), and drummer Cláudio Souza (born in 1959, São Paulo, SP), the Violeta de Outono were a psychedelic group heavily influenced by Pink Floyd. Getting together after their tentative bands since 1981 -- Lux, AMT-1, Ultimato, Zero, and Fragata -- they were considered the best Brazilian group in the psychedelic genre. In 1987, the group recorded their first LP, Violeta de Outono, through the independent label Wop-Bop. In the next year, RCA contracted them, yielding a second LP, Em Toda Parte, released in 1989, with the trio transformed into a quartet with the addition of electronic programmer R.H. Jackson (former Nomenclatura). This album fused their Pink Floyd influences with Echo and the Bunnymen and the Cure. The group continued to play sporadically, recording the live CD Vivo (Record Runner) in 1996. In 1989, Fábio Golfetti released a solo single, Ópera Invisível (Wop-Bop), followed by two solo albums: the LP Invisible Opera: Glissando spirit (Low Life, 1993) and the CD Cosmic Dance: From Astral Amazonian Jungles to Remote Himalayan Regions (Nova Sampa, 1997). ~ Alvaro Neder

Aug 1985