Victor Krummenacher
Victor Krummenacher

Victor Krummenacher

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A founding member of the quintessential '80s-era college radio band Camper Van Beethoven, Victor Krummenacher subsequently played in the CVB offshoot Monks of Doom before beginning a solo career in 1995 with the release of Out in the Heat, recorded with backing band A Great Laugh. The co-founder (with fellow CVB alum Jonathan Segel) of the indie label Magnetic, Krummenacher returned in 1998 with Saint John's Mercy. The late nineties saw Krummenacher continuing his collaboration with Segel and Eugene Chadbourne as Camper Van Chadbourne, and even mending fences with David Lowery, resulting in periodic reunions of the great Camper Van Beethoven and an appearance on Cracker's album Forever. In 2003, Krummenacher released his third solo album, Nocturne.

    Riverside, CA
  • BORN
    April 7, 1965

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