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Veronika Fischer

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Veronika Fischer became one of the most popular schlager singers in the former GDR with singles like "Du Willst Deinen Spass" (You Know What to Do) and "Ein Gefuhl Wie das Leben" (Emotion in Motion). Educated at the Dresden Music College throughout the late '60s and early '70s, Fischer broke into the East German music scene as part of the band Panta Rhei in 1973. She graduated one year later, gathered together a backup band, and released her first solo album, Veronika Fischer & Band, in 1975. Her next two albums, 1976's Sommernachtsball and 1978's Aufstehn, each sold well over a million copies each, making Fischer one of East Germany's best-selling musicians. Several more albums followed throughout the remainder of the '70s, and Fischer found herself with fans on both sides of the Berlin Wall by the time 1980 rolled around. Spurred, perhaps, by her growing popularity in West Germany, Fischer left the GDR for good in 1981. While she was never quite as famous in West Germany as she was on the other side of the Berlin Wall, Fischer managed to maintain a healthy career nonetheless. Her popularity endured well into the early 2000s. ~ TiVo Staff

    Wolfis, Germany
  • BORN
    July 28, 1951

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