About Veio

An alternative metal quartet with a progressive rock streak, Portland, Oregon's Veio emerged in 2010 with a style that looked to heavy metal innovators like Tool, Mastodon, and Thrice for inspiration.
Founded by siblings Cameron (vocals, guitar) and Brett Byrd (drums), the group issued their debut EP, Victus Per Leo, in 2010. As they became more established in the Pacific Northwest rock scene, Veio found themselves sharing stages with contemporaries like Red, Everclear, and Saving Abel. The band's first full-length effort, 2013's The Antidote, saw them incorporating more progressive elements into the mix. 2017's Infinite Light//Desperate Shadows featured a new lineup consisting of Cameron and Brett, bassist Kris Lewis, and guitarist Trae Davis. Two years later, Veio pared down to a three-piece -- with the departure of Davis -- and issued a string of singles, including a cover of Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot." ~ James Christopher Monger

    Portland, OR

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