Vanesa Martín
Vanesa Martín

Vanesa Martín

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Hailing from Málaga, Spain, Vanesa Martín is a Spanish singer/songwriter with a youthful pop/rock style who made her solo debut in 2006 with the album Agua, released in association with EMI, and the breakout single "Aún No Te Has Ido." Though fairly successful from a critical standpoint, Agua wasn't a big seller, and Martín switched labels for her second album, 2009's Trampas. Released through Warner Music, Trampas peaked at number 25 on the Spanish albums chart and spawned the lead single "Caprichoso." Martín's third album, 2012's Cuestión de Piel, saw the singer/songwriter continue her steady climb up the ranks of mainstream Spanish pop with 12 new romantic, confessional songs. ~

    Malaga, Spain
  • BORN
    November 14, 1980

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