About Vader

Since their founding in 1983, Vader, Poland's premier death metal band, have been through many lineup changes. Only founding vocalist/guitarist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek remains from the original incarnation. Vader were founded as a power metal band who quickly embraced thrash, then speed metal, before embracing their brutal brand of death metal. They toured Eastern Europe and issued only self-released outings for a decade -- which included Morbid Reich, a cassette that sold some 10,000 copies and scored them a deal with Earache for their proper studio debut, 1994's The Ultimate Incantation. The group signed to Metal Blade for 2000's breakthrough Litany and remained there until moving to Nuclear Blast for 2009's Necropolis. 2016's The Empire proved so successful that the band stayed out for two full years to support it globally. In 2020 Vader issued their 16th long-player, Solitude in Madness.

    Olsztyn, Poland

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