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About Víctor Manuel

Spanish singer/songwriter Víctor Manuel made his debut while singing Joselito's "La Campanera" at a school party, being introduced as "San José." In 1962 the young artist joined a band called San José y Bossa Nova, taking vocalization and piano lessons soon after. Manuel began composing and recording "La Romeria" in 1968, and a self-titled album was released in 1969, followed by 1971's Dame la Mano. That same year, the singer participated in Morbo, a movie directed by Gonzalo Suárez, composing the soundtrack to Al Diablo con Amor in 1972. After getting married to Ana Belén, Manuel moved to Mexico to present a musical called Ravos and to promote some of his protest songs, which were banned by the Spanish government at that time. In 1976 his performance at Madrid's Monumental Theater was later released under the name of En Directo. A new live album was recorded in 1983, Manuel this time singing along with his wife; it was issued as Víctor y Ana en Vivo. During the late '80s and early '90s, Manuel produced several movies, such as El Vuelo de la Paloma, El Mar y el Tiempo, and El Marido Perfecto. ~ Drago Bonacich

Mieres, Spain
Jul 7, 1947

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