About Uru

Uru is a J-pop star who projects an enigmatic aura, partly by keeping her personal information under wraps.

∙ In 2013, Uru launched an online video channel with covers of popular songs—doing all the production and performances herself—and by 2016 she had posted about 100 clips.
∙ After releasing her 2016 debut single, “Hoshino Nakano Kimi,” she became known for sold-out live performances with elaborate stage dressings that enhanced her mysterious persona.
∙ In 2017, her single “Freesia” became a pop hit in Japan, and her tune “Kiseki” was chosen as the theme song for the TV drama Kounodori.
∙ Her hit 2018 single “Prologue”—used in the high school forbidden-romance drama Chugakusei Nikki—won Best Theme Song at Japan’s prestigious Television Drama Academy Awards in 2019.
∙ She had a hit in 2020 with her first double-A-sided single, “Furiko/Break.”
∙ “Saikai,” Uru’s 2020 collaborative single with J-pop star LiSA, rose into the Top 10 of Billboard’s Japan Hot 100 chart.

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