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Almost exclusively dedicating their creative efforts to the discovery and invention of original ways within ska's dominions, Unsteady present stimulating formulas for the style, blending with its ravenous selections of jazz, funk, and pure rock & roll. Forming in the early '90s in San Diego, CA, Unsteady first assembled due to the common initiative of John Roy (saxophone, vocals), Creedy Bates (guitar), Kevin Hewitt (keyboards), Paul Howland (bass), and Kent Graves (drums). By then, all the elements of the band shared a considerable experience continuously developed in the music world, in most cases gained for more than half a decade by playing with other ensembles. The completion of the group came during the following years; with the addition of drummer Jimmy Boom replacing Graves, Clay Elliot (saxophone), and Jon Fisher (trumpet), Unsteady finally settled its expanded lineup. Tightrope, the group's first album, showed up via the Immune Records label in 1996, reaffirming the team's unique sound selections. Conquering a loyal and enthusiastic fan legion during the following times, Unsteady proclaimed its own reign within ska's music scene. One year later, Double or Nothing, their second major studio effort, offered the best continuation of the band's daring sounds, despite regular changes within the crew's lineup. In 2001, Unsteady presented their long awaited third full-length, Live in the Studio. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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