About Ulver

Norway's Ulver are one of the most diverse groups in North European music. Though initially regarded as a black metal band, they have worked in numerous genres -- all dependent on predetermined concepts -- rendering them an entity unto themselves. Active since 1994, after early recordings like Bergtatt -- a ferocious, blasting, buzzing, blackened masterpiece -- they immediately shifted gears with the completely acoustic Kveldssanger and the recorded-in-a-field Nattens Madrigal, confounding fans and critics but enthralling them simultaneously. In the 21st century, they experimented with electro-acoustic music on Perdition City, ambient soundtracks such as Lyckantropen Themes, Svidd Neger, and Riverhead, large-scale works such as Messe I.X-VI.X with the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra), extrapolations of Krautrock (ATGCLVLSSCAP), and gothic-influenced pop on The Assassination of Julius Caesar. Halloween of 2021's Scary Muzak was inspired by horror soundtracks from the 1970s and '80s.

    Oslo, Norway

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