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A project that brings together two stars of the '80s from different places in the rock music spectrum — Dokken and Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch and Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover — Ultraphonix is a rock band whose approach is a mélange of hard rock guitars, tough but soulful vocals, and uncompromising rhythms that show the influence of metal, funk, and progressive rock. Beginning as a George Lynch project, the group evolved musically when Glover stepped in, and released a debut album of ambitious hard rock, Original Human Music, in 2018.

Ultraphonix was the brainchild of guitarist George Lynch. Lynch first rose to fame in the mid-'80s as the lead guitarist with Dokken, who enjoyed chart success as one of the leading bands on the Los Angeles hair metal scene. While Dokken saw three albums go platinum (1984's Tooth and Nail, 1985's Under Lock and Key, and 1987's Back for the Attack), Lynch was often at odds with lead singer Don Dokken, and he left the group in the '90s to strike out on his own, first by fronting the group Lynch Mob and later with a series of solo albums. Meanwhile, Corey Glover exploded into the public consciousness in 1988 as the lead singer with Living Colour, a heavy alternative rock band whose debut album, Vivid, became a smash thanks to the single "Cult of Personality." The group broke up in 1995 and Glover released a solo album, Hymns, in 1998; in the 2000s and 2010s, he stayed busy with a variety of music and acting projects, including periodic Living Colour reunions.

In 2017, Lynch was interested in launching a new group, and he recruited bassist Pancho Tomaselli (who had worked with the veteran funk group War, as well as the experimental metal trio Philm with Dave Lombardo of Slayer) and drummer Chris Moore (who had performed with Lynch in Project N-fidelikah, as well as drumming for the metal acts Cry Wolf and Damage). While the trio clicked musically, they believed they needed a singer. Leisa Balfour, a stylist who was friendly with Lynch, Tomaselli, and Moore, also knew Glover, and at the urging of the bassist, she set up an introduction between Lynch and Glover. The two felt sympatico musically, and the New York-based Glover flew out to Los Angeles for two months, where he wrote material with Lynch, Tomaselli, and Moore, and then took their music into the recording studio. Calling the new project Ultraphonix, they released the album Original Human Music through Ear Music in August 2018.

    Los Angeles, CA

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