About Ulfuls

Ulfuls is an Osaka band whose soul-infused rock music has been a staple on the Japanese charts for more than 25 years.

∙ Formed in 1988 by a group of coworkers at an Osaka café, the band selected their unusual name after misreading the word soulful on one of their favorite album covers.
∙ Ulfuls’ found fame in 1995 with the single “Guts za de!!,” which propelled their album Banzai to No. 1 on the Japanese charts.
∙ After two hit LPs—1997’s Let’s Go and 1998’s Thank You for the Music—bassist John B. Chopper left the band, though he returned in 2002 after playing their 10th anniversary concert.
∙ The group took a five-year hiatus, then released the 2014 LP ONE MIND and 2015’s Born to Be Wai Wai—both albums hit the Japanese Top 10.

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