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Tyla Yaweh has made a name for himself as a hip-hop star, but his favorite artists are all rockstars. His tracks reflect his musical interest, blending trap beats with heavy guitars and emotive, sung vocals. Yaweh, born Tyler Jamal Brown in 1995, believes in the power of manifestation, but not even he could have predicted that a song titled “Tommy Lee” would yield a 2020 collaboration with the same-named ‎Mötley Crüe drummer. “It’s insane to have someone from ‎Mötley Crüe work with me,” the Florida-born MC explained to Apple Music. “I look up to that whole [‘80s rock] era. It’s a dream to me. I still don’t believe it sometimes.” The remix, which features a guest verse from Post Malone and drums from Lee (an additional remix also features SAINt JHN), kept the momentum going, but the accolades are less important to Yaweh than the approval from his heroes. “I’ve worked with Travis Barker, and that means everything,” he said. “It’s Blink-182! I’m working with legends,” he added, almost unable to contain his excitement. Yahweh channels this energy into his music like the anthemic rap-rock anthem “High Right Now.” While Yaweh pays regular homage to his rock roots, he’s still a key player in hip-hop. His 2020 hit “Stuntin’ on You” features a verse from DaBaby. No matter what style Tyla Yaweh feels like tackling, his infectious personality and desire to be great propel the work. “Every day I’m constantly working,” he told Apple Music. “I’m constantly putting myself in a better position to succeed.”

    Altamonte Springs, FL
  • BORN
    May 23, 1995

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