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Glen Galloway (guitar), brothers Kirk and Kevin Branstetter (guitar, bass), and 69-year-old drummer Andres Malinao comprise Trumans Water. The quartet deconstruct indie rock in the style of Captain Beefheart. A modern touchstone is Pavement; the two bands have the same laid-back air, sloppy riffs, and impenetrable lyrics. In fact, Trumans Water are even more obtuse than Pavement. All of the group's early album releases are available on Homestead: Of Thick Tum (1993 reissue), Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox and Ass (1993), Godspeed the Punchline (1994), and Milktrain to Paydirt (1995). For 1998's Fragments of a Lucky Break, however, Trumans Water signed with Emperor Jones. After a self-titled effort in summer 2001 and 2003’s You Are in the Line of Fire and They Are Shooting at You, the band took an extended break. In 2010, Trumans Water reconvened with added bassist Mike Coumatos and drummer John Schier for their first Asthmatic Kitty release, O Zeta Zunis. ~ John Bush

    San Diego, CA

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