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Treat is a melodic hard rock/glam metal outfit from Stockholm, Sweden who hit it big both at home and overseas in the 1980s with the singles "Get You on the Run," "World of Promises," "Party All Over," and "Ready for the Taking." Formed in 1981 under the moniker "the Boys", the band officially began operating under the name Treat in 1983 after inking a deal with Mercury Records. Citing influences like Kiss, Whitesnake, Van Halen, and Journey, the band joined the ranks of the current crop of pop-metal superstars with their debut album Scratch and Bite, but their 1985 sophomore outing, Pleasure Principle, suffered in the wake of Europe's huge international hit The Final Countdown. 1987's Dreamhunter fared better, spawning the single "World of Promises" -- the song was covered by fellow Swedes In Flames on their 2000 LP Clayman -- and secured the band a slot on the 1988 Monsters of Rock Tour. 1989's disappointing Organized Crime saw the group undergoing a bevy of lineup changes, and by 1992, after the release of their eponymous fifth album amid the grunge-induced diminishing of the once-fertile hard rock scene, Treat had officially ceased operations. A 2005 compilation called Weapons of Choice sold well enough to justify a reunion, and in 2010 the band issued their long-awaited comeback album, Coup de Grace. Treat's seventh studio album, the Frontiers-issued Ghost of Graceland, followed in early 2016. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Stockholm, Sweden

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