About Tre'

Tré is a unique Puerto Rican trio that weds soft vocal pop to Latin music sources and the folk forms of their native country. Their unique sound is distinguished by Quique Domenech's Puerto Rican cuatro (four-stringed guitar) behind lead vocalists Mayda Belén and Edgar Rios.
Domenech is a twice-Grammy-nominated cuatrista and multi-instrumentalist (he also plays the Venezuelan cuatro, Cuban tres, and bass). He is a noted producer, arranger, and record label owner, and has been playing professionally since he was a teenager. Domenech studied and graduated from Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. In 1993, he founded the recording group Renacer Campesino, using his cuatro to transform island styles from salsa and merengue to jazz, pop, rock, and folk music. After the band split in 1996, he made his first solo cuatro recording 1997, learning production and engineering in the process. He founded his own QD label shortly thereafter and has released dozens of recordings by a wide variety of artists.
Belén was a semifinalist in the 2007 Latin American Idol competition. She has appeared on numerous recordings from Domenech's label as well as being a soloist in other musical productions. She began working with Domenech as a performing duo in 2011.
Rios is the latest member of the group. He's also an arranger and producer of gospel and pop music. As a singer he has won several a cappella competitions. He was also a member of the vocal group NoTa, who won NBC's televised The Sing-Off contest.
Tré's self-titled debut album was independently issued before Sony Latin picked it up for distribution in early 2014. The group's Spanish-language cover of Bobby Caldwell's and Paul Gordon's pop staple "Next Time I Fall in Love" became a YouTube and download hit, propelling the album to land on several charts.
The pre-release single for Tré's sophomore album was a live version of their second single, "Amor Vivido," with Argentinian pop singer Noel Schajris guesting. It was released in January of 2015. The subsequent album, En Vivo, was recorded in a grand setting with strings and a larger band in concert at Hacienda Siesta Alegre in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. It was released in April and landed on the charts within weeks. ~ Thom Jurek