About Toteking

Spanish hip-hop MC Tote King was first heard in 1999 as a member of La Alta Escuela on the group's album En Pie de Vuelo. His solo career began with the Big King XXL demo and the maxi Duermen.... In 2002 he formed the duo Tote King y Shotta with his brother, releasing the maxi Nada Para Mí and the Tu Madre Es una Foca long-player. The following year another solo maxi, Matemáticas, arrived, the prelude to his first solo LP, Música Para Enfermos. Three years later, the rapper completed his second LP, Un Tipo Cualquiera, almost entirely produced by Big Hozone, with the collaboration of Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox. In 2008 Tote King released his third LP, T.O.T.E., presenting a remarkable change of style. ~ Alfonso Goiriz

    Pinomontano, Sevilla, Spain
  • BORN
    December 13, 1978

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