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b. 1966, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. Born to Ghanaian parents, Kofi became interested in music and in his teens taught himself to play the alto saxophone. Seeing an advertisement for a series of free jazz workshops being run by Leicester-based drummer Nick Hislam sparked his interest in jazz. Kofi studied intensively, eventually winning a full-time scholarship to the Berklee College Of Music, which he attended from 1988-90 and where his tutors included Billy Pierce, Donald Byrd, Ernie Watts, and Ralph Moore. Back in the UK in 1991, Kofi played with the Jazz Warriors and Gary Crosbys Nu-troup. Through the rest of the 90s Kofi played with numerous jazz luminaries, including Julian Argüelles, Claude Deppa, Billy Higgins, Andrew Hill, Branford Marsalis, David Murray, Courtney Pine, Tim Richards, Lonnie Smith and Us3. In addition to alto, Kofi became proficient on baritone and soprano saxophones. In the early 00s, he teamed up with trumpeter Byron Wallen for various projects including a quartet, Indigo, which pays tribute to past masters of the baritone saxophone. With Wallen, Kofi has set up jazz workshops and tutorials and the pair also collaborated on composing and writing a jazz theory book.

Over the years since meeting James Weaver, a friend of Thelonious Monk, Kofi developed a deep and passionate love for Monks music and this formed the base for several departures. He formed a quartet, drawing its repertoire from Monks compositions, and at 2003s London Jazz Festival 70 such pieces were performed in a marathon six-hour set. Kofis regular quartet sidemen include pianist Jonathan Gee, bass player Ben Hazleton, drummer Winston Clifford, sometimes adding vibraphonist Orphy Robinson. Kofis Monk: All Is Know was nominated as Jazz Album Of The Year in the 2005 BBC Jazz Awards and drew ecstatic reviews from the jazz press. Kofi has also been a member of Lucky Rankus African All Stars, and has led his own 10-piece band, the Afro Jazz Family.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Engl