Tom Rosenthal
Tom Rosenthal

Tom Rosenthal

About Tom Rosenthal

UK singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal is known for his melodic songwriting, left-of-center lyricism, and unconventional music videos.

∙ Rosenthal’s debut LP, 2011’s Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop, features the regional hit “Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home,” whose popular video stars UK comedian Josie Long.
∙ His songs “Go Solo” and “I Want You In My Dreams” were both featured in the award-winning 2016 drama Where We’re Meant to Be.
∙ Although he’d been releasing music for almost a decade, in 2019 Rosenthal played his very first concert—at London’s St Pancras Old Church—which he followed up with a European tour.
∙ In 2020, he shared “Dinosaurs in Love”—a song written by his toddler daughter—which became a viral hit, appeared on The Tonight Show, and was released as a charity single.

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