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New Jersey's Titus Andronicus have a raucous, individual take on punk rock that makes room for indie rock, garage rock, classic rock, and folk influences, delivered with a muscular passion and confident literacy. Led by guitarist and singer Patrick Stickles, the band embraced a big, bold, and reckless sound on their debut album, 2008's The Airing of Grievances, and while they sounded tighter and more ambitious on the Civil War-themed concept album The Monitor (released in 2010), their "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to punk had only grown bigger and wilder. 2015's The Most Lamentable Tragedy was an epic-scale rock opera that added pop accents and deep dynamics to the group's toolkit, while they focused on a folk-informed sound for 2018's A Productive Cough and produced one of their most dynamic and anthemic sets to date with 2022's sprawling The Will to Live.

Glen Rock, NJ, United States of America