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Allegedly named after a Japanese sex technique, Tied + Tickled Trio are a German ensemble that aim to merge elements of modern electronic music with the more familiar, traditional aspects of contemporary jazz. Formed in 1994 by Notwist members Markus (drums, programming) and Micha Acher (trumpet, upright bass), the original trio eventually ballooned to include many players from the incestuous (and side-project-heavy) town of Weilheim, Germany. Johannes Enders (tenor sax, piano), Andreas Gerth (keyboards, theremin, other sundry items), and Christoph Brander (drums, sampler) were among those onboard for the band's self-titled 1998 debut, a shadowy affair that successfully married their love of plaintive, Bluenote jazz with a subtle undercurrent of digital texturing. After taking a break in 1999 (largely so that Markus could record with newly formed electronic outfit Lali Puna) the band returned with EA1 EA2. That critically-acclaimed record would build on the blueprint of their original mission statement by incorporating a more ambitious production ethic; it would also yield a successful European tour and a remix album on Morr Music. The band's third proper album, Electric Avenue Tapes, followed in 2001.

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