About Tiagz

Canadian producer/rapper Tiagz struck gold by strategically sharing his multi-genre songs on various social media platforms. After successfully establishing himself through this digital grassroots approach, he signed on with Epic Records for the commercial release of his 2020 EP They Call Me Tiago.
Tiagz was born Tiago Garcia-Arenas in Ottawa in 1997. He lived in Belgium for a time and spent much of his youth focusing on dance. He began making music in 2017, teaching himself how to make beats and experimenting with writing songs in various different styles. He mainly used social media to share his creations, which ranged from dark trap tunes like early single "Don't Text Me" to songs that blended Latin and pop styles. Tiagz released dozens of songs over the next few years, eventually breaking through with singles like "My Heart Went Oops" and "They Call Me Tiago (Her Name Is Margo)." With streaming numbers in the tens of millions, Tiagz signed both a record contract with Epic and a publishing deal with Sony. They Call Me Tiago, the first proper collection of Tiagz's songs, was released in May of 2020. ~ Fred Thomas

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • BORN
    August 25, 1997

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