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Abrasive, aggressive, and antagonistic, Britain's Throbbing Gristle pioneered industrial music. Exploring death, mutilation, fascism, and degradation amid a thunderous cacophony of mechanical noise, tape loops, extremist anti-melodies, and bludgeoning beats, the group's cultural terrorism raised the stakes of artistic confrontation to new heights. While much of their material was harsh, challenging, and deliberately anti-musical, they occasionally produced lighter, more accessible tracks such as 1977 single "United" and much of 1979's 20 Jazz Funk Greats, influencing techno and synth pop as well as noise and experimental music. TG became inactive in 1981, and its members moved on to highly productive offshoots such as Psychic TV, Coil, and Chris & Cosey. The band re-formed in 2004, producing several concerts and recordings before disbanding for good in 2010.

London, England
September, 1975