About Thor

Thor is a chiseled Norse god impersonator, former bodybuilder, wrestler, performance artist (known to bend steel bars between his teeth), actor, and power metal singer from Canada. His musical history reaches to 1977, when the teenaged winner of the Mr. Junior Canada bodybuilding title, forged the Thor identity and released his debut album, Keep the Dogs Away. Most heavy music fans didn't become aware of him until his two mid-'80s outings, Only the Strong and Recruits: Wild in the Streets. He left music for a decade to focus on acting but returned in 1998 and began touring. Thor issued close to a dozen independent albums before writing and starring in his own musical, Thor: The Rock Opera in 2010. After the two-volume Thunderstryke in 2012, he signed to Deadline Music and released the film and soundtrack for I Am Thor in 2016. In 2021, he returned with the star-studded Alliance.

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana

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