Thomas Fehlmann

About Thomas Fehlmann

A major catalyst in the advancement of Berlin techno and the scene's lasting Detroit connection, Thomas Fehlmann has coursed through decades of underground activity dating back to the early '80s with post-punk band Palais Schaumburg. Fehlmann's fascination with electronic music developed further with the solo project Ready Made and the operation of Teutonic Beats, a rarely recognized early platform for several major players in underground electronic music. After bonding with the likes of Juan Atkins and a period of affiliation with Alex Paterson, Fehlmann became a full-time member of the Orb, as heard on Orbus Terrarum (1995), an album enhanced with the producer's aqueous dub techno. Throughout a series of solo albums for Kompakt, from Visions of Blah (2002) to Böser Herbst (2021), Fehlmann has continually honed his distinctive style, consequently perpetuating his dual status as the label's elder statesman and one of its most consistent artists.

Zurich, Switzerland