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Norwegian composer Thomas Bergersen found a niche in collaboratively scoring high-profile trailers and advertisements for major films before establishing himself with long-form electronic-orchestral works of his own. Co-founder of the production-music company Two Steps from Hell, his work was featured in major campaigns for entries in the Twilight, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean series, among hundreds of others. His solo collections include 2014's Sun, which reached the Top Three of Billboard's Classical Albums chart. Bergersen released his first symphony, Seven, in 2019.
Thomas Jacob Bergersen began composing in 1997 in his native city of Trondheim but eventually relocated to Los Angeles, where he teamed up with fellow composer Nick Phoenix to form Two Steps from Hell in 2006. The pair found huge success in the motion picture industry, going on to score trailers for blockbusters like the Harry Potter films, Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, Star Trek, and many more. His dramatic flair and advanced knowledge of digital orchestration have made him a leader in the film trailer industry, though he and Phoenix have also composed for games and television. Although their music could be heard in advertisements, none of it was made public until the 2010 release of Invincible, a compilation of some of the duo's best-known work at the time. The album charted in the soundtrack category at streaming sites.
The following year Bergersen issued a solo release called Illusions, which made an appearance on the Billboard World Albums chart. Even while remaining highly active with Two Steps from Hell, which had Top Ten classical hits with 2012's SkyWorld and 2013's Classics, Vol. 1, he continued releasing individual tracks and returned with a second solo album, Sun, in late 2014. It reached number three on Billboard's classical chart, was a Top 30 independent album, and peaked at number 157 on the Billboard 200. That same year, Two Steps from Hell's Miracles was also a Top Three classical album. In 2015, the duo had their first classical number one with Battlecry.
Following their classical Top Ten sets Classics, Vol. 2 (2015), Vanquish (2016), and the chart-topping Unleashed (2017), a solo Bergersen presented an orchestral suite, American Dream, featuring the Bulgarian Studio Orchestra. The year 2019 brought releases from both Bergersen (Seven) and Two Steps from Hell (Dragon). Bergersen's first symphony, Seven combined a choir and electronic elements with a traditional orchestra. It was recorded with the Czech Republic-based Capellen Orchestra. ~ Timothy Monger & Marcy Donelson

    Trondheim, Norway
  • BORN
    July 4, 1980

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