About Thisquietarmy

Operating at the intersection between ambient drone, doom metal, and post-shoegaze melodicism, Montreal-based group Thisquietarmy began as the side-project of guitarist and Destroyalldreamers member Eric Quach. Extending the boundaries of guitar-based experimentation by incorporating melodic motifs over a sea of textural noise, the group won acclaim with fans of darker strains of ambient music and more adventurous practitioners of metal such as Nadja and Sunn O))). After a spate of self-released CD-R’s in the early ‘00s, Thisquietarmy released their debut album, WINTERSLEEPER, in 2005, following it with a collaborative album with master drone musician Aidan Baker (ORANGE) in 2006. The band’s second full-length, BLACKHAUNTER, appeared in 2008.

    Montreal, Canada

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