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In 1982, high school friends John Flansburgh and John Linnell formed They Might Be Giants, which was named after a 1971 George C. Scott film. ∙ The band’s debut children’s music LP, 2002’s No!, was their ninth studio album overall. ∙ Linnell’s son, Henry, has been a featured voice on several They Might Be Giants kids songs, including 2005’s “Letter / Not A Letter” and 2008’s “Seven.” ∙ The band’s 2008 album, Here Come the 123s, won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children. ∙ In 2009, They Might Be Giants recorded a new version of their 1993 cover “Why Does the Sun Shine?”—a song cowritten by Hy Zaret, the lyricist of “Unchained Melody.” ∙ Three of their children’s music albums have been certified Gold.

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